The People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs – Sunday 29th Nov London

  • Climate change march flyer
    Together, we will march for climate, justice & jobs – Sunday 29 Nov in central London.

    Scotland/Wales march 28 Nov.

    Join the London train to Paris 12 Dec.

  • Long Description
    National demonstration for climate, justice and jobs!

    #ClimateJusticeJobs #PeoplesMarch

    November 29 – London march
    November 28 – Scotland and Wales march
    December 12 – Join us in Paris!

    ■ Download your leaflets here:

    ● No to dirty energy!
    ● Yes to renewables!
    ● Climate jobs now!
    ● Justice for people!

    Floods, typhoons and droughts are already impacting many millions of people, both here and abroad. This humanitarian crisis affects those who have done least to create the problem the most, and left unchecked would affect us all.

    All over the world people are already putting into practice real solutions: public renewable energy, green infrastructure, millions of new, unionised clean jobs. But it needs to happen faster, at scale and with people at its centre.

    With such solutions already in flow, we can leave the age of fossil fuels behind. Some choices we can each make on our own. But some, we as a society must make together.

    Hope is with people who are already way ahead of those governments who lack the political will to act, and ahead of those corporate interests who are blocking the changes we need.

    Together, we are more powerful than they could possibly imagine.
    Whatever happens in Paris, we can, and we will, build the future from here.
    A more just, more equitable and better world for us all.

    ■ Many more details to come over the coming weeks.
    ■ We’ll be organising to take people to the Paris demonstrations too: come back soon for more details!
    ■ Coaches – let us know details of your local coach and we’ll let others know!
    ■ Route to be confirmed.

    Organisations supporting the demonstration include:, 38 Degrees, Action Aid, Avaaz, Bond, Campaign Against Climate Change, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Climate Change Centre Reading, Climate Revolution, Friends of the Earth, Global Justice Now, Greenpeace, Left Unity, The Global Afrikan People’s Parliament, MADE, National Union of Students, Oil Vay, PCS, People’s Assembly Against Austerity, People and Planet, Reclaim The Power, Stop the War Coalition, Student Assembly Against Austerity, This Changes Everything, Time to Act, Trades Union Congress (TUC), UNISON, UK Youth Climate Coalition

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