Education and Training

GAPP as an institution is built on the following core principles:
• True education, with emphasis on learning through action, are essential for mobilisation – we need a common understanding of the purpose and the destination we seek, why these things are important and why international ‘instruments’, policies and laws are necessary to achieve our purpose.
• Reconcile the Afrikan Heritage Community for National Self Determination (AHC-NSD) with the benefits of using our relevant value systems including our own Law and other knowledge systems, social structures and autonomous institutions to effect change.
• We must act locally for the advancement of the AHC-NSD globally.
• We must build the capacity of future leaders and Ambassadors because our mission needs to be carried through to future generations.
How you can get involved

• You can attend a GAPP induction, education and community advocacy training programme that will be offered by GAPP Ambassadors in or near your locality.

• Once inducted, you can assist your Ambassadors in building the consciousness and capacity of the AHC-NSD in your locality by developing a GAPP local or regional chapter.

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