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BREXIT: Working Towards The Geopolitics Of Our GAPP Response

By Kofi Mawuli Klu,

Member, Leadership Facilitation Team, Global Afrikan People’s Parliament (GAPP);

Co-Vice-Chair, Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe (PARCOE); and

Chief Executive Commissioner,


Grassroots Pan-Afrikan Community Advocacy, Research and Think Tank


England and Wales have voted in a historic referendum on Thursday, 23rd June 2016, for Brexit and are scheming to undemocratically impose their questionable decision to leave the European Union (EU) for dubious reasons upon the English colonial holdings of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Voices for Scotland and Northern Ireland doing their own exit out of the United Kingdom are rising higher with greater strength, persuasiveness and militancy. Momentum Black ConneXions (MBC) did put forward a statement prior to the date of the referendum to stimulate discussions on the relevance of Brexit to Black peoples in and beyond the United Kingdom, with Anti-Racist recommendations from progressive Black Anti-Imperialist, Decolonizational and Reparatory Justice perspectives for voting Black to remain.

GAPP in Spearheading Afrikan Responsibility for Meeting Brexit Challenge

Now that the majority vote has been cast in favour of Britain leaving the EU, we of the Global Afrikan People’s Parliament (GAPP), based here in the United Kingdom, have to be clearly seen and heard as spearheading responsive work towards providing the necessary visionary strategic leadership to our Afrikan and other Black Communities and progressive forces all over the World. Indeed, we of the GAPP must become more than ever before proactively dynamic in providing vibrant glocal responses to the Brexit Crisis of Europe in such a Pan-Afrikan Revolutionary Intercommunalist and Global Justice Internationalist way and manner as will effectively defend, promote and advance our Afrikan and all other human, peoples’ and Mother Earth rights to safeguard our own best interests in and beyond the United Kingdom, with the biggest possible impact upon all kith and kin of our Global Afrikan Family throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika.

That is why our GAPP response should also creatively help our MBC sister-organization to work collaboratively with us in better conscientizingly orientating Black peoples living in and beyond the United Kingdom to act glocally in answering the Challenge of Brexit as best suits our collective Black Power Internationalist interests; such actions which, in my opinion, must necessarily include pursuing appropriate electoral political strategies and tactics and parliamentary and extra-parliamentary courses of Positive Action in and outside Britain, as well as strengthening both the International Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations (ISMAR) and our common Peoples’ Reparations International Movement (PRIM), in order to advance GAPP into the frontranks of progressive forces most powerfully arrayed locally, nationally and internationally for glocalising Struggle towards winning Global Justice for all.

What Can Best Be Done

Our most important response to the Brexit Challenge ought therefore to be a more robust creative implementation of our agreed policy directions of GAPP Strategy and Tactics, particularly in order to better practically follow the Positive Action Line drawn for our GAPP Approach to Electoral Politics in the United Kingdom today (Nota Bene: This also demands progressing work more energetically on the glocal MAATUBUNTUMAN building of our Afrikan Heritage Community for National Self-Determination (AHC-NSD) in and beyond Britain; more so in closer organic link with other supporting organisations, networks and campaigns of Afrikan people, alongside those involved in the Black Power Regeneration of our Communities of Resistance (CORs) and in the revival of our Black Freedomfighters-led Movement of Internationalist Solidarity Resistance to Global Apartheid Racism (MISORGAR) throughout Europe and all over the World.

Accordingly, therefore, we must expedite our GAPP actions in strengthening fraternal link-networking through Decolonizing the United Kingdom Consultative Engagements (DUKCE) with the Scottish National Party (SNP), Sinn Fein (SF) of Ireland and Plaid Cymru (PC) of Wales in pursuit of building the Decoloniality Electoral Alliance for Liberation (DEAL). For this purpose, we should be utilising the Voter Action Learning and Registration Activism Programme (VALARAP) of our GAPP and other endeavours of the DUKCE to explore, at all grassroots and mainstream levels, DEAL Building Link-Networking with the Mutual Respect for Sovereignty and Internationalist Solidarity Contingents of the Self-Determination movements of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Gibraltar, the Malvinas/Falklands, etc. This DEAL Link-Network Building must be extended to embrace all formally and informally constituted groupings, networks and campaigns in all former colonies of Britain, including indigenous peoples’ movements of Resistance throughout Abya Yala (the so-called Americas) and the countries of the so-called Commonwealth in the Caribbean Islands, Afrika, Asia and Australasia/Oceania.

It is upon this Anti-Imperialist basis of Global Justice principledness that our GAPP must seek to strengthen Black Power Internationalist working relations with the MBC as its sister independently self-organising Black Power affinity organisation autonomously connected to Momentum, Africans for Jeremy Corbyn Values (AJCV) and other formations of the Jeremy Corbyn Support Campaign allied to the British Labour Party. The MBC must be supported by our GAPP to engage in bridge-building between organisations, networks and campaigns involved in AHC-NSD development and those of the Broad Left and the wider Labour movement in Europe and all over the World which, lest we forget, have always included a good number of many generations of Afrikan Freedomfighters of the International Communist, Socialist and Working Peoples’ movements for national and social liberation throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika. Useful to these efforts of the GAPP and the MBC are the initiatives that have long been carried out by the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe (PARCOE) to draw Afrikan Left Activists and their organisations, networks and campaigns all over the World into active participation not only in the ISMAR; but also into bringing along their allied progressive forces into exploring the building of neighbourhood renewal Communities of Anti-Racist Resistance that share joint combativeness against Afriphobia and all other forms of racial discrimination as well as commonalities of Reparatory Justice interests strongly enough to forge mutually self-repairing bonds of Decolonizational Restitution under the banner of the PRIM.

All these things and more needs to be done with the view to galvanizing the independent self-organization of Activists from Afrikan, other Black and oppressed Communities of Resistance in and beyond Europe; to galvanize them in order to more vigorously build from the grassroots, beyond the statist confines of organs, institutions and bureaucratic top-down processes of the European Union (EU) and other agencies of the machinery of State in and beyond the United Kingdom, a radical participatory democratic alliance for making possible another better Europe of true Peoples’ Power; yes, a Peoples’ Power generated new Europe, inclusive of our authentic Black Power, shining the radiance also of the Black Star-powerfulness of our Afrikan Personality, as being projected by GAPP in togetherness with the MBC. Such a new Europe, proactively shaped, among others by our GAPP in conjunction with the MBC, with the support of the PARCOE, the Europewide NGO Consultative Council for Afrikan Reparations (ENGOCCAR) and other contingents of the ISMAR and the PRIM; a new Europe shaped with the grassroots revolutionary creativity of Afrikan, Black and all other Communities of Resistance in such way and manner as to substantively include our autonomous AHC-NSD, shall be a very rich pluriversality marvel of a Decolonizational World in many Worlds!

This is the new kind of Europe for which Frantz Fanon long ago urged us to leave the old murderous Europe of our Maangamizi in order to start building, in link with our homelands of Afrika and other parts of the so-called Third World, from our own initiatives of Community Self-Empowerment for Reparatory Justice, with the self-repairing Decoloniality genius of our self-emancipating Peoples’ Power; a new Europe we must start building from our grassroots below upwards, veritably groundup, as a Peoples’ Europe of Self-Determining Autonomous Communities of Resistance (PESDACOR)!

Afrika: The Most Decisive Battleground for our GAPP Response to Brexit

brexit map_africa1For us in GAPP, our original Motherland of Afrika is the most important battleground where our greatest efforts in the United Kingdom and everywhere else must be channelized with Black Power Internationalism to strengthen our Communities of Resistance (CORs); by CORs we mean our Afrikan progressive forces organised within their own self-determination-seeking indigenous ethno-national communities and/or other kinds of community-based Freedomfighting organisations, networks and campaigns that are striving to effect Positive Action at the grassroots in order to better counteract the crimes of Genocide and Ecocide of the still ongoing Maangamizi that is the continuum of Chattel, Colonial and Neocolonial Enslavement. For, it is this Maangamizi which the architects and protagonists of Brexit have plotted in their Recolonization schemes to worsen, for their diabolical purpose of bloodily extorting more wealth to replenish the fortunes of their revanchist British Coloniality of Power. The architects of Brexit desired to bolster their revanchist Coloniality of British Power not only for capitalist rivalry in Europe but also for more voracious predatory exploits in Afrika and other Global Apartheid domains of their White Supremacist Racism, with their minds set upon aggravating the blood-spilling crimes they are continuing to perpetrate with impunity, using as their cover-up quislings their eurocentrically miseducated, stupefied and petrified Black-Skin-White-Masked Elite of Neocolonialism on the puppet leash of external and internal reactionary forces teleguided by Euro-Amerikkan Imperialism.

That is why we must be mindful of what Boris Johnson said in his Brexit victory speech about Britain leaving the EU but not Europe, that is, the murderous old Europe Frantz Fanon warned us about! Indeed, the Brexit archconspirators are not about Britain quitting the matrix of governmental and non-governmental organisations, quangos, institutions, networks and agencies with which European Imperialism continues to mostly terroristically perpetrate its heinous crimes of Genocide and Ecocide against Black peoples and the overwhelming oppressed majority of Humanity, particularly the subjugated indigenous peoples of Afrika, Abya Yala (the so-called Americas), Asia and Australasia/Oceania. This is one of the key noteworthy points in our GAPP and MBC rationale and arguments for urging Black voters to recognise the actuality of European unity in and outside the EU for the geopolitical defence of European imperialist globalizational hegemony; and not to be deceived that Brexit will split the ruling classes of Europe so much so that they will no longer be able to come together to defend, strengthen and seek to bloodily perpetuate their murderously exploitative stranglehold of the White Supremacy racist exercise of the Coloniality of Power upon most other parts of the World!

For, as our Afrikan Experience teaches us, since 1884, the European Powers have always found it necessary, despite the many problematic and sometimes even antagonistic differences amongst them, to unite for the barbaric conquest, division and misruling of the World; they have continued and will continue to do so even after the Brexit victory, with the British Elite as always, albeit hypocritically, playing a major role in the xenophobically jingoistic rallying of White Supremacy forces for Recolonization schemes to perpetuate the Eurocentric reign of Global Apartheid Racism as it has become so structurally institutionalised in the present World Order as to become the contemporary norm even in the so-called United Nations and other so-called institutions of the World political, economic, financial and cultural architecture!

Thus, there is no question of Britain leaving membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the most terrible Reactionary Violence organ of the globalising military-industrial complex of Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism. It is from the arsenals of NATO that AFRICOM is being armed, trained and deployed throughout Afrika to secure the plundering of resources to fuel and strengthen the terroristic Global Apartheid racist might of White Supremacy domination throughout the World. Brexit is also not going to make Britain abandon the rapacious Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) they are imposing on countries of Afrika, the Caribbean and the Pacific to tighten the 2000 Cotonou Agreement neocolonialist stranglehold of European Imperialism upon the peoples of those parts of the World. So Brexit will only make Britain to still benefit from the exploitative Global Apartheid racist terrorism of the Coloniality of Power which Europe as a whole exercises with White Supremacist arrogance over Afrika and most other parts of the World; noteworthily, it is this very same Brexit that will from now onwards enable Britain to do so without even the fake responsibility the European Union at least pretends hypocritically to be taking for human rights, good governance and democracy; and, therefore, making it somehow possible for us to try holding governments and member-countries of the EU to account before the International Community for participatory democratic scrutiny of its behaviour and/or misbehaviour in relation to our own grassroots defence of all our human, peoples’ and Mother Earth rights!

That is why our GAPP-promoted Afrikan response in and beyond the United Kingdom to Brexit ought to be taking its cue from what Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah wrote in his still valid 1968 “Message to the Black People of Britain” which, among other things, exhorted: “You who are in Britain have a significant role to play in the International Black Revolutionary Movement. You live in the centre of the very citadel of British Imperialism and Neocolonialism … Your homes are under puppet regimes teleguided by Neocolonialism. Real Black Freedom will only come when Africa is politically united. It is only then that the Black Man will be free to breathe the air of Freedom, which is his to breathe, in any part of the World.”

This is a very clear prioritization of the task of subordinating everything to addressing matters of Political Power, that is, of Political Black Power, as the basis for tackling economic, cultural and other indispensably important issues of our situation as Afrikans and Black peoples in the United Kingdom and other parts of the Diaspora. It exposes the intellectual bankruptcy of the age-old deceptive arguments for the myopic absolutization of vulgar Economism, that are still being peddled from certain narrow-minded quarters of Africentrism, and its perversions smacking of Black national-chauvinism, with the view to diverting our people’s attention away from political Freedomfighting for Black Power as a matter of our topmost priority now above everything else; and rather disorientate those gullible enough to become obsessed with a get-rich-quick disposition towards the illusions of “Wannabe Big Black Capitalist Money-Maker to Buy Freedom”!

To those unfortunately lacking, or choosing to lazily deny themselves, profundity of thought and critical intellectual examination of World affairs, and are therefore stupidly mesmerized, dazzled and bamboozled by the glittering phantasmagoria of the West, I would like to say: what is being made to look, with deceptively stupefying propaganda, like the glossy enduring successes of globalising European hegemonistic Capitalism, is resulting more from the obscenely barbaric criminal display of blood-spilling Reactionary Violence by the kakistocratic vampires of Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism, in their monstrous predatory readiness to mercilessly crush every challenge, particularly the revolutionary socialist alternative, to its hoodwinking myth of White Supremacist Excellence, rather than to its higher economic or other qualitative pedigree!

Strangely, nothing so far in the horrific experiences of our Afrikan and other Black peoples, as well as of the entire Humanity, nothing like the 1st June 1921 barbaric White Supremacy racist arsonist destruction of “Black Wall Street” in the USA (see the video-documentary “Black Wallstreet: A Black Holocaust in America!”), and nothing like the savagely violent Euro-Amerikkkan neocolonialist teleguided terroristic obliteration of the impressive gains of the Libyan Jamahiriya since 2011, to mention only a couple of the countless many similar Afriphobic genocidal carnages of over 500 years of the Global Apartheid Racism of European Imperialism towards our people throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika, has yet convinced the demagogic peddlers of the falsehoods of vulgar Economism about the dangerous erroneousness of their Big Lies!

Not surprising at all, they refuse to learn from the Pan-Afrikan revolutionary articulation by the likes of Frantz Fanon, Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah and Walter Rodney of the still valid arguments of those who put forward the viewpoint, correct in my own opinion, that no Black person or isolated group, and for that matter Afrikan anywhere in the World, is ever going to be allowed by Euro-Amerikkkan Imperialism to genuinely independently make it successfully, neither by way of Socialism nor even Capitalism; never will they be allowed by the monopoly capitalist guardian vampires of supremacy racist White Power to become successful, without insisting upon the topmost prioritization of our collective, transnationally unifying and superpowerful politico-military defence, consolidation and advancement of Black Power as an invincible force for the Global Justice good of all Afrikans, other Black peoples and the entirety of all Humankind!

This is the Wisdom from our ancestral Heroes and Sheroes of the Pan-Afrikan Revolution for Global Justice which informs our GAPP policies on everything. It is such Wisdom of our Sages of the past and the present that teaches us in GAPP to prioritize our matters of Afrikan People’s Power, our Political Power, our Black Power, in the glocal planning of the Strategy and Tactics of our Global Pan-Afrikan Liberation Struggle and Sovereign Nation-Building, including the financial and other economic aspects of building the Glocal Political Economy of our Afrikan Heritage Community for National Self-Determination in and beyond the United Kingdom.

Accordingly, we have to prioritise our political work of mass education, organisation and mobilization of Afrikans, other Black peoples and all others who can be conscientised into becoming our progressive allies, in order for them to actively contribute, under the high-flying banners of the MISORGA and the PRIM in and beyond Europe, in conveying political support to bolster the grassroots efforts of our Communities of Resistance to stop the Maangamizi on the continent of Afrika. We must help by assisting in strengthening their own self-empowering capacity to better channelize even droplets of fragmented but legitimately progressive ethno-national community, youth, student, women’s as well as working people’s actions of Resistance against various manifestations of the Maangamizi into unifying torrential rivers and oceans of glocal Reparatory Justice Freedomfighting; thereby, we shall be pooling together all our best of Freedomfighting human and material resources to glocally advance contingents of the ISMAR, in link with those of the PRIM, more speedily, concertedly and systematically toward our Pan-Afrikan Rendezvous of Global Justice Victory for all. It is such a glocal unification of the efforts of our Communities of Resistance throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika that will not only bring into fruition our MAATUBUNTUMAN Pan-Afrikan Union in our original Motherland as the very much necessary indispensable territorial homebase for anchoring our AHC-NSD in Britain and other parts of the diaspora onto the continent but also strengthening its invincible autonomous role in formations such as the PESDACOR in and beyond a transforming Europe.


GAPP Groundings with the EFF & Allies

That is why GAPP is expanding its working relations through the Economic Freedom Fighters Internationalist Solidarity Action Command (EFFISAC) with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of South Africa to enhance collaboration with a wider array of Afrikan progressive forces at home and abroad. Accordingly, GAPP is supporting the utilisation of its Global Afrikan People’s Parliament – Glocal Affinity Action Learning Links (GAPP-GAALLs) in various countries to work together with its Activists and others involved in the All-Afrikan People’s Global Lobby for Unity Solutions (AAPGLUS) to explore the development of working relations with all interested groups of Afrikans at home and abroad. GAPP is also involved in consultations with a wide range of Pan-Afrikanist, anti-imperialist and popular democratic forces throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika, with a view to helping to add a number of concentric circles around the EFFISAC in order to build a Pan-Afrikan Freedomfighters Internationalist Solidarity Action Command (PAFISAC). Encouraging responses to this endeavour of the PAFISAC have already come from a number of like- minded, grassroots-based and creatively working progressive formations such as the NKRUMAHBUSUAFO Kwame Nkrumah Convention Family Movement (NKRUMAHBUSUAFO-KNCFM) of Ghana, the Mouvement Social Panafricain pour le Development Integral (MSPDI) of Cote d’Ivoire and the United Front for Progress (UFP) of Yurumein/St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

Our GAPP is also helping the Global Justice Forum (GJF) in facilitating the development of relations between the MBC and the Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia, under the banner of the Black Power Internationalist Solidarity Boomerangcircuit (BPISOB). Discussions now progressing with representatives of Dalit, Papuan and Maori Communities of Resistance, and also with formations like the Fiji Native Government in Exile (FNGE), operating from Sydney, Australia, augur well for the vibrant expansion and dynamic glocal proactivity of the BPISOB. Linking the PAFISC and the AAPGLUS up with the BPISOB, and connecting them all together with their interested groupings, will raise higher the prospects of a formidable glocal alliance of Pan-Afrikan and Black Power grassroots Changemaking forces; a now very much needed ground-up Freedomfighting Internationalist Solidarity alliance that will not only enhance the transnational strength of both the ISMAR and the PRIM and of their Communities of Reparatory Justice interest all over the World, but which shall also give credence to the growing potency of the vibrant resurgence of what Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah called “The Spectre of Black Power”, heralding our “long-awaited Day of Liberation from the shadows of obscurity” and taking shape and form to actively, uncompromisingly and fearlessly engage in “fights to end … exploitation” in all its manifestations throughout Afrika and the World!


     Pic: Left to Right, Kofi Mawuli Klu, Esther Stanford-Xosei, Oni Kirwin – Fiji Native Government in Exile, Ghillar Michael Anderson – Sovereign Union of Australia


For all these reasons argued above, those of us who voted remain in the 23rd June 2016 Referendum on the European Union, with a view to building a progressive Global Justice alliance to contribute to decolonially changing Europe from inside the belly of the imperialist Beast; those of us who did so in order to facilitate the anti-imperialist Freedomfighting outside the monster’s entrails by our Afrikan kith and kin and other Black and Wretched of the Earth Communities of Resistance all over the World; those of us who lost the EU Referendum vote, on that memorable day in the United Kingdom, need not mourn! Rather, if we were to better act upon the golden axiom of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, that it is organization that decides everything, and accordingly rise to strive at achieving progressive Changemaking organizational excellence with our GAPP, in close link-networking with the MBC and their allied organisations, networks and campaigns in and beyond the United Kingdom, particularly in Afrika; if we ably, conscientiously and painstakingly did so, instead of agonizing over the recent EU Referendum loss, then we can be sure that the pyrrhic victory of the Brexit Desk Killing archconspirators of Global Apartheid Racism, and their very much duped fellow-travelling Black and White protagonist stormtrooping Gestapo footsoldiers of revanchist British Imperialism, could eventually very well become their seismic ground-cutting Waterloo!

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