This page will contain definitions of terms, phrases and concepts commonly used by the Global Afrikan People’s Parliament and others in our quest towards Nationhood and Self Determination.

Why Afrikan Heritage Community for National Self-Determination? (AHC- NSD):

(With refereence to : Esther Stanford-Xosei’s contribution to…/should-britain-government-repa…)

One of the more positive outcomes from the Establishment media attention given to the question of Reparations for the masterminding by Britain of Afrikan Enslavement Crimes Against Humanity and other horrors of the Maangamizi, in the wake of the September 2015 visit of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to the Caribbean Island nation-state of Jamaica, is the highlighting of the building of the Afrikan Heritage Community for National Self-Determination (AHC-NSD) in the United Kingdom (see the contribution of Esther Stanford-Xosei to “The Panel” on “Should Britain Pay Reparations for Slavery” in The Guardian Online,…/should-britain-government-repa…). This has given a huge boost to the efforts of those of us involved in the still ongoing endeavours to bring the building of the AHC-NSD in Britain to the fore of the groundup Struggle for Pan-Afrikan Reparatory Justice throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika, particularly the efforts of Activists of the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe (PARCOE) and others of the Global Afrikan People’s Parliament in United Kingdom (GAPP-UK). For, it is the GAPP-UK that is the leading proponent, the foremost community championing advocate and the main driving force of the building of the AHC-NSD in Britain today, indeed, its pioneering innovator throughout Europe and our contemporary World.

The conceptualisation and articulation of the AHC-NSD is an expression of the grassroots intellectual creativity of Scholar-Activism that some of us involved in the Pan-Afrikan Community Educational Services (PACES) and the Afrikan Reparations Transnational Community of Practice (ARTCoP) are actively promoting from the Grassroots Academia of our Pan-Afrikan Community of Resistance in and beyond the United Kingdom. Expounding the AHC-NSD intellectually comes from the Pan-Afrikan Revolutionary Thought-in-Action and Revolutionary Action-in-Thought Conscientizational Praxis of Cognitive Justice Popular Education which PANAFRIINDABA and SoulLaw have teamed up with the PACES, the PARCOE, the GAPP-UK and their like-minded circles of the ARTCoP to articulate as a Pan-Afrikan Reparatory Justice conceptualisation of Community Regeneration, Self-Empowerment and Sustainable Development to serve the vital glocal interests, needs and aspirations of Afrikan people in and beyond the United Kingdom. That is why the AHC-NSD is one of the major subject-matters of Experiential Knowledge production and Popular Education on the Action Learning agendas of the PACES and the ARTCoP as well as of the GAPP-UK.

The AHC-NSD is the Community Self-Repairs effectuating work-in-progress for the holistic regeneration of Afrikan communities; mindful of the fact that such Afrikan communities at present exist in the United Kingdom as a multiplicity of different and sometimes even conflicting nation-state, ethnic, racial, class, gender, age and other socio-cultural configurations brought from all over the World; therefore, this AHC-NSD regeneration of Afrikan communities is being done in such a radical Changemaking way and manner of Intersectionality so as to enable the Pan-Afrikan Reparatory Justice development, out of their multifariousness, of a one distinct new type of Afrikan Communion of people to serve as a living prototype of the component bodies of the future MAATUBUNTUMAN Pan-Afrikan Union of communities throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika: a Black self-empowering constellation of Black Star-Communities which shall be manifesting, in full sovereignty, the true People’s Power of totally liberated, unified and self-determining Afrika in her complete emancipatory magnificence, Maatubuntu dignity and superpowerful upstanding for Global Justice throughout the World.

We prefer to use for now the term “Afrikan Heritage Community” in order to highlight the sharing of a common Heritage, originating from our Mother-Continent of Afrika, by the multiform communities of Afrikan people and so-called ‘peoples of Afrikan descent’, coming from all over the World into the United Kingdom to exist precariously in fragmented, minoritised and intersectionally oppressed communities, completely denied respect for our Afrikan Personality and Freedomfighting for our legitimate national liberatory aspirations; that is, one Afrikan people, as we unreservedly recognise ourselves, but who are given various official designations in the different nation-states and other alien polities artificially fabricated and eurocentrically imposed upon us, in our diasporan Kilombos/palenques as well as upon our indigenous nationalities even in our own native homelands, by the colonially and neocolonially domineering powers of European Imperialism and their quislings. We also likewise insist upon adding the tag “National Self-Determination” to strongly emphasize commitment to this fundamental right of oppressed communities of Afrikan people in various countries of Europe and other parts of the diaspora of Afrika where we are minoritised, disempowered and brutally terrorised with the specifically anti-Afrikan Genocide/Ecocide manifestations of the virulence of Global Apartheid Racism we call Afriphobia.

The AHC-NSD is being constituted by Activists who have submitted themselves voluntarily to the strict discipline of a systematic Action Learning process of training diligence to become Afrikan Heritage Community Reparatory Justice Action Learning Starguides (AHCORJALS) – which is one of the preliminary steps of Action Learning to develop Cadres into Afrikan Heritage Community Reparatory Justice Advocates (AHCORJAs) as well as GAPP Community Tribunes, Ambassadors/Ambassadresses, etc. Accordingly, the building of the AHC-NSD is being done as the Action Learning work of trainees in Pan-Afrikan Reparatory Justice Advocacy who are drawn from communities of Afrikans from all over the continent and diaspora of Afrika now living in the United Kingdom; that is, Afrikans from all over the World in Britain who are diligently studying Pan-Afrikan Community Regeneration, Self-Empowerment and Sustainable Development as applicable to their conditions in Europe in the geopolitical light of the realities confronting Afrikans throughout the rest of the diaspora and continent of Afrika; that is, learning to cooperatively share in Communion mutual support for each other in grasping the real naked Truth of our Black Power making of World History throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika, against all the Genocide/Ecocide odds of the still ongoing Maangamizi of Chattel, Colonial and Neocolonial Enslavement; learning to honestly address the everyday problems of our own personal, family and community lives with Intersectionality in accordance with the Maatubuntuman vision, principles and values of our glocal heritage in such Self-Repairing ways and manner of holistic Reparatory Justice; so as to advance our Afrikan People’s Liberation Struggle groundup at all local, national and international levels persistently towards the definitive securing of authentic National Self-Determination, genuinely independent Peoplehood and plenipotentiary Sovereignty; in order to guarantee irreversible Global Justice for ourselves and all those who sincerely respect our inalienable human, peoples’ and Mother Earth rights at home and abroad.

Of crucial importance to gaining the most congenial atmosphere for strengthening our Afrikan Community Self-Empowerment in order to effectively assert, secure and advance the successful building of the AHC-NSD in the United Kingdom is the Voter Action Learning and Registration Activism Programme (VALARAP) of the GAPP-UK. This is inextricably linked up with the diligent implementation of our GAPP-UK Strategic Approach to Electoral Politics in Britain Today – with its cardinal elements of the Pledging Our Cause Mutual Exchange Concord (POCMEC), the Decoloniality Alliance for Liberation (DEAL) and the Operation Represent Ourselves (ORO). All of these matters pertinent to building the AHC-NSD, under the aegis of the GAPP-UK, shall be further elaborated upon.

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