1st Mosiah (August) 2016 – Windrush Sq, Brixton, London.

The Global Afrikan Peoples Parliament would like to echo the Call to Action to join this show of strength and to bring a message to the white power structures who are historically and currently responsible for inflicting the Maangamizi. We ask you to join us in the march to Downing St to charge the British Government with Genocide and Ecocide!

March 2016 flyer with prog -front

We encourage you to visit the campaign website and find out more about the aims of the Stop the Maangamizi campaign and petition.  The march is a vehicle by which this petition is delivered and it has its own aims:

March Aims

Supporting Reparations

Support the march –

This is not a reaction. There are no alternative agendas. This is a Plan!! The march is funded through contributions from  the Afrikan Heritage Community.  You can help too:

Donate to the march here

If not us, then who?

March 2016 flyer with prog -back


The Global Afrikan People’s Parliament (GAPP) joins with Afrikan Heritage Community organisations in Bristol to ask: Is Bristol a Power-Sharing City Inclusive of Substantive Afrikan Heritage Community Representation? Saturday 9th July 2016. Keynote addresses by Kofi Mawuli Klu of GAPP and new Bristol Mayor Elect Marvin Rees plus contributions from local councillors of Afrikan Heritage and the communities they serve.

AHC Conference Flyer 9.7.16



1st August (Mosiah) 2016 – Join us in the UK or mobilise wherever you are! March or Rally, Meeting or Cultural Event! Join us in this show of Afrikan strength, solidarity and determination to secure holistic reparations for Afrikan people worldwide. Visit Stop The Maangamizi for details on the INTERNATIONAL movement and day of ACTION!!


Save the Date Black flyer

The march is part of an overall strategy within the International Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations (ISMAR). The aims of the reparations march:

March Aims

We encourage all Afrikans who are looking for a way to play their part in the International social movement for reparations (ISMAR) to attend this workshop as part of their preparation towards the Reparations march on 1st August 2016. If you would like a workshop in your city on online, please contact the organisers. Outside the UK? Contact them and ask for the ‘International Call to Action’ information.

Feb workshop flyer

On 28th December 2015 Leo Muhammad of the Global Afrikan People’s Parliament will be speaking on the theme of Nationhood as an aspect of our self repair/reparations at the Bristol UK Kwanzaa Karamu.  The 28th December represents the third principle of Kwanzaa – Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility) which is a critical principle necessary for us to apply in our quest for Nationhood. Beyond dressing like Afrikans, slogans, talking shops and sound bites, what does it really take to restore our power and sovereignty as a people – hence the subtitle ‘Why wearing Dashiki nuh mek it!’

FlyerWe will let you know about the activities that our teams are involved in so you can either listen, watch or attend. If you or your organisation want to participate  or collaborate on areas of mutual interest please do contact us on the stated contact points.

Wretched workshops flyer

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